Time to Spring Clean your Garden?

Now that the worst of the snow and ice has (hopefully) gone it is a good time to take a long hard critical look at your garden.
Driving around I see many gardens with shrubs that have been damaged or killed off entirely by the extreme prolonged below zero temperatures even milder parts of the country!

It is always sad when much loved trees or shrubs die, leaving a big hole in the garden. But don’t panic!!
Look upon it as an opportunity and before you dash off to the nearest garden centre to replace them and fill the gaps – think about the overall look of your garden and ask yourself does it need a bit of a revamp?
Borders and beds do get overgrown and shrubs can weaken with age. Perhaps its time to spring clean your garden, clear out the clutter and give it a bit of a facelift?
Let me know if you need my help in choosing new plants for particular situations or even an in depth border redesign.
In the meantime – think positive spring is not too far away!

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